Safety at Monster Truck Show

Two tragic accidents in a nine day span prompt some to question the safety of monster truck shows.

Since tires will be spinning in Amarillo this weekend at the monster truck national show, we looked into safety.

Just a few days after a six year old boy was killed in Washington when debris hit him in the head, a promoter at a monster truck show was also killed by being run over.

Event organizers for this weekends Amarillo show say those two events don't represent how safe the spectacle is.

Before they rev, they inspect.

Promoter Brain Sharenow says, "Every time that they perform they are tested. We have a remote ignition interrupter that can shut the truck off whenever we want. We also inspect all the trucks to make sure they are up to code as far as safety regulations. As far as seating regulations we have marked off areas around the track to highlight where people can not sit below, where we have already figured out were it would be safer to sit above."

As far as the cars they use to smash..

Sharenow says,  "Gas tanks are removed, we take out all the antifreeze, drain out all the fluids, crush down the tires so they are flattened out, remove excess flying pieces."

Drivers say they too have safety precautions and never take risk if something doesn't seem right.

Driver Kyle Chandler says, "If I'm headed for the cars and it doesn't feel right, or I'm headed to a school bus or a van stack and it doesn't feel right, I'm going to avoid it, pull off to the side and shut the truck down."

Officials say this is one of the safest sports around.

Sharenow says, "if you compare that to how many times someone is struck with a baseball or hockey puck or other things, motor sports is actually a lot safer."

officials say spectators should be aware of their surroundings and keep their eye on the action.

Also be sure to avoid marked off area's for your safety.

You can catch the trucks at the Amarillo National Center this Friday and Saturday.