What DTV Delay Means for You

Millions of Americans just are not ready... So congress voted to delay the digital transition for several months.

We can start the digital TV countdown again... It was supposed to happen in two weeks, but now, pending President Obama's signature, it will be pushed back to June 12th. Representative Rick Boucher (D-VA) says, "it's absolutely necessary. It will be for one time only. It will assure in conjunction with the 650 million dollars to be provided in the stimulus legislation that the problems that affect this program can be successfully addressed."

One of the biggest problems... Millions of Americans aren't ready. The latest numbers show 5.1% are unprepared. Are Amarillo residents ready? We hit the streets to find out and got a variety of answers split right down the middle, and several people we talked to were confused on what it all means. Many others are confused as well, so here's what this delay means. If you already have a converter box, KFDA General Manager Brent McClure says, "You're in luck. There are free over the air signals for you to pick up. You can start receiving them from the moment you hook up your converter box."

If you rely on over the air analog, you can watch NewsChannel 10 until June 12th, but then you will need a converter box or digital TV. Here's why. McClure says, "KFDA NewsChannel 10 operates in both digital and analog at the same time. On February 17th, the legislation mandated we just shut down analog." That same thing will happen in June.