Woman Who Set Pool Up Testifies In Stocker Trial

The trial of a man reportedly involved in a notorious murder case continues today with testimony from those who were at the initial set up of Dustin Pool.

The morning started with details of events leading up to Pool's murder. The prosecution tried to paint a picture of Michael Stocker as someone with a history of involvement in drug-related violence and kidnappings.

The defense countered that by saying Stocker was simply a bystander.

But maybe the most significant testimony came from Tori Patrick, the woman who has admitted she was the one who lured Dustin Pool to her apartment where Stocker and his brother were waiting for him.

She then told the jury how Stocker held Pool at gunpoint while his brother hit him with a fireplace poker.

This all happened in 2003 with a drug deal gone bad. Pool was later killed and buried in concrete inside this grain silo in 2003. It was not until months later that investigators found his body.

Michael Stocker is charged with capital murder is the last of nine people to go to court in this case. The eight others were either convicted or entered into plea deals.