Meth Deterrent Apparently Works in Gray County

Chief Deputy Kelly Rushing
Chief Deputy Kelly Rushing

The fight against meth in one area county is changing for both police and farmers.  They have been hearing a lot about Glotell in Gray County in the last year.

Several farmers we spoke with who use it say it has made a difference in the number of thefts on their property.

The Sheriff's office says Glotell serves as a deterrent to anhydrous theft.  Chief Deputy Kelly Rushing says, "those who manufacture meth go outside to get anhydrous because they don't like to fool with the stuff with Glotell."

Glotell is a chemical farmers put in their anhydrous ammonia tanks.  Once it hits the air, it can turn things pink.  So, when Meth users try to make Meth using the stolen ammonia, their drugs turn pink and sticky, significantly lowering the quality.

Sheriff's deputies have seen it first hand.  Rushing says, "some deputies arrested someone with pink meth. They said it reminded them of bubble gum."

The chemical went on the market about a year ago.

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