Stocker Trial: Day 2

The trial of the final defendant in a murder that rocked the Amarillo area continues.

Michael Stocker is charged with capital murder and is accused of being involved in the kidnapping and murder of Dustin Pool.

Five people so far have testified for the prosecution since yesterday, and the district attorney says he could call as many as 18 before he is through.

It was back in 2003 when 26 year old Pool went missing.

Three months later on a tip, investigators found his body encased in cement inside this grain silo in Randall County.

The district attorney says it all started with a drug deal gone bad.

Pool was apparently lured to an apartment by several people, beaten and then left in the trunk of a car for more than a day.

He was then buried in the grain silo, with a sock shoved down his throat.

Stocker is among nine people originally charged in connection with the murder.  The other eight were convicted or pled out.

Stocker's brother, Joshua, was found guilty of heading up Pool's murder, and is serving a life sentence.