Predators Using Video Games to Lure Your Child

Your child may be more at risk than ever before... A new generation of sexual predators are now using video games to lure in their next victim.

Game consoles from systems like Wii, Playstation and XBOX are now all it takes for predators to make their way into your home. Up until recently, the biggest sexual predator danger your child faced was just a mouse click away. Wednesday, mySpace announced, at the request of law enforcement, that they have removed more than 90,000 registered sex offenders off their site. Pottery County Chief Deputy says, "These people are criminals and they just won't quit." Which means your child still may not be safe. Potter County District Attorney Randall Sims says, "Every time law enforcement takes a step, criminals take another step and then we have to take another. It's like climbing stairs."

Criminals latest step... Using things like XBOX Live to contact your child. Unlike the past, when it was mostly young girls who were falling victim, young boys are now in danger too... Especially since the majority of these games are aimed at them specifically. Sims says, "When I was 17 or 18, it was the boys who called the girls. But times have changed. Now it's socially acceptable for girls to call boys. So no, I wouldn't say boys are immune to this." No local children have fallen victim, yet... Dozens of others nationwide already have and officials say we need to be prepared because it could happen here tomorrow.

Sims says, "People don't want to think it could happen here, because if they believe that then they have to believe it could happen in my house." Predators are not targeting one specific game... Kids have been lured in through everything from Dungeons and Dragons to good old fashioned chess and checkers.