Do you know where your kids are? Check Google Maps.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ There's a new people tracker out there. A software program being released by Google today will let just about anybody with a cell phone or other wireless device find out instantly where they are. Other people can find out where they are too -- say, parents who want to keep tabs on junior.

The program is an upgrade to Google's mobile maps. It's being marketed as a way to know exactly where you are and share your whereabouts with family and friends. Google's product manager says it "adds a social flavor'' to Google maps and makes them "more fun.''

In a concession to snooping concerns, it's easy for the user to switch off the tracking device. It's also possible to set it up so it will identify only the city where you are, not the exact location.

And Google promises it won't be retaining information on users' movements.