Putting Circuit City Liquidation Deals to the Test

It's been three weeks since Circuit City announced they are going out of business.

We're putting their liquidation deals to the test.

Armed with a small video camera, we went inside the store and what we found out may surprise you.

The signs outside scream good deal. So why are so many customers walking out empty handed? We asked several of them and found out.

"I was expecting a much bigger discount than what we saw. I think the mark up is the same percentage as they've marked down. Everyday sales is what it seemed like. Didn't seem like anything special."

We decided to find out for ourselves just how good, or bad, these deals are. We found a 58-inch TV for $2,624 at Circuit City.

We found it on www.amazon.com for $2380, that's $245 dollars less.

We found a 52-inch TV at Circuit City for $2159. Buy it online for $1815, that's about $350 cheaper.

We checked out music and DVD's too. Right now they're all 25% off, but even with the discount we found prices between five and fifteen dollars less online.

We tried calling liquidation headquarters several times to find out why prices in here are so much more expensive than online, but no one would return my phone calls.

Word to the wise, all the online items we found come with free shipping, but make sure you factor in shipping costs before purchasing, because we found some sites that charge upwards of $100.

The best deal we found at Circuit City was on I-pods. They are all currently 10% off. Circuit City tells us the liquidation sale will continue most likely until March, and prices will be continuously dropping until then.