Alleged Chase Bank Letters Sender Arrested

Threatening the deaths of hundreds of people has a former Amarillo man behind bars tonight.

47 year old Richard Goyette, who use to live in Amarillo, reportedly returned here on October 18th to act out a master revenge plot.

Officials say Goyette, who had reportedly lost more than 60 thousand dollars with the collapse of Washington Mutual, felt wronged by the company who took over the banks assets, J.P. Morgan Chase.

Thus sending letters containing a white powder to several chase banks.

Robert Casey, Jr., FBI says, "Even though, in this case, the substance that was in them was of no harm to the public, they caused tremendous alarm and panic."

The letters claimed to kill the person who received it within 10 days.

64 of them had the substance.

But they weren't the only source of Goyette's alleged revenge.

E-mails like this one also were sent to the FDIC and the office of thrift supervision, according to the FBI.

They spelled out how the author was looking to earn his cash back and send a strong message to those he felt had stolen from him.

These pieces of evidence... Officials claim was enough to track goyette down.

U.S. Attorney James Jacks of the Northern District of Texas says, "The e-mails were traced back through their forensic technology. Obviously the letters themselves were post marked and it was determined that they had all been mailed in Amarillo, Texas."

Besides the letters, investigators say they know Goyette rented a car the day before the letters were sent.

Records show he returned it 24 hours later... And had put 630 miles on the vehicle.

Round trip, the distance between Amarillo and Albuquerque is just under 600 miles.

Goyette's charges carry a sentence of up to five years and 250 thousand dollars each if he is convicted.

There is no word on when a trial will be set.