Lake Meredith Wants Public Comment On New Proposed Trail

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area is proposing the development of a multi-user trail within the park, Hutchinson and Potter Counties, Texas.

The long-term goal for trail development is between Fritch Fortress and South Turkey Creek Canyon.

The Trail head would be located at Harbor Bay, in order to utilize existing park infra structure (paved  access  road and parking lot, outbacks and picnic tables).

At this time, Superintendent Cindy Ott-Jones is announcing a 30-day public scoping period  to solicit public comments on this proposal prior to the Recreation Area completing an environmental analysis of the proposal.

Scoping is an opportunity early in the environmental planning process for the public, organizations,  and  other agencies to suggest issues and alternatives that should  be  considered by the National Park Service in preparing the Environmental Assessment.

ADDRESSES:  Written  comments  or  requests  for  information  should  be addressed  to  Cindy  Ott-Jones,  Superintendent,  Lake  Meredith  National Recreation  Area,  P.O. Box 1460, Fritch, TX 79036-1460.  Comments may also be  hand-delivered  to  Lake  Meredith NRA Headquarters at 419 E. Broadway, Fritch,  TX  79036.

In addition, comments may be entered on-line in the NPS PEPC  Web site at  To comment using PEPC, select  the  "Multi-User  Trail"  project, select "documents,'' select this "Scoping Notice" and then select "Comment" and enter your comments.

FOR   FURTHER   INFORMATION   CONTACT:  Arlene  Wimer,  Chief  of  Resource Management, at 806-857-0309.