Motorcycle Sales Spike In Amarillo

Area motorcycle dealers are off to a great start this year despite tough economic times.

Just last month, Tripps Harley Davidson sold 41 motorcycles. This is almost a 50 percent jump from last January's figures: 23 bikes in Jan. '08.

The national numbers do not compare. Motorcycle giant, Harley Davidson, announced job and production cuts last week after the national chain suffered losses in sales of more than 19 percent.

But this is not affecting our local Harley Davidson dealer.

"They are still going to send plenty of motorcycles to us dealers that are selling them," said Jason Tripp, Tripps Harley Davidson General Manager. "So I don't think we will notice the production cuts."

Tripp credits our region's agriculture and oil industries for their spike in sales. He adds that their in-house financing makes it easier for people to afford a motorcycle. Owning a bike has other money saving benefits.

"A lot of times, people come in looking for ways to save money with good fuel mileage and still have a good time doing it," said Keevin Sharp, co-owner Sharps Motorsports. "It's a lot of fun."

At Sharps Motorsports in Amarillo, business is starting slow this year. But once it picks up speed, they Sharps says that momentum will carry sales through the rest of the year.

Both dealers agree the weather also affects their sales books. They say our unseasonable winter this year also could have played a role in the high number of bike sales. The summer months are naturally where they record the highest number of sales.