Officer Accident Gets APD to Stress Safety on Amarillo Roads

Sgt. Steve Davis, APD
Sgt. Steve Davis, APD

Officer James Clements accident proves how valuable quality motorcycle training is to keep people alive on Panhandle roads.

Amarillo officers say they frequently issue citations for people on motorcycles who don't have a license.

Something they say makes roads even more dangerous.

Officers with the motorcycle unit tell us there are several keys to safe riding.

They say the most important thing is to increase following distance.

Both for the motorcycle driver, and people in cars following them.

Next, Sgt. Steve Davis says taking courses on motorcycle safety, like one offered at Amarillo College, can teach people the safest riding techniques.

"You have to learn how to brake properly, and they'll teach you how to make turns, and change gears and the proper gear in case you do have an accident," said Sgt. Davis.

Proper gear is one thing being credited with saving officer Clements life.

Especially his helmet.

If you would like more information on the AC Safety Program call (806) 371-2902 or click here