Potential for a Mass Disease Outbreak Gets Attention

In the event of a large scale disease outbreak, area volunteers are preparing to fight an illness by training now.

The Texas State Health Department's "Adopt a Point of Dispensing" or "POD" program helps combat illnesses like hepatitis A, Influenza, or The Plague.

Today members of Moore County were trained and are now prepared to dispense the appropriate medication.

The Center for Disease Control is making this nationwide effort in case the local health department is unable to meet the needs of thousands in a short period of time.

The program has been going on for three years but it is just recently most Panhandle communities have had the opportunity for this training.

Instructor David Dickerson says, "I think 911 raised awareness and so I think a lot of planning and training in emergency response activities following 911 of course has been generated."

In addition to dispensing medication, the training includes proper protocol during a crisis situation. Next weekend a "POD" training is being held in Carson County.

For more information call the State Health Department at 1-888-963-7111. Or go to www.adoptapod.com