Allegations Against Amarillo AWARE Director

Allen Graves, AWARE Director
Allen Graves, AWARE Director

The director of a local organization is accused of taking more than five thousand dollars, Christmas presents, and food.

We are laying it all out on the table and you decide whether the AWARE program has hit a rough patch... Or if their director has explaining to do.

Just a few months ago the program was funded through three major grants.

The anonymous source says, "There was a time when program was billing 8 and 10 thousand dollars a month, along with another 5 - 8 thousand that was coming from other grants."

While a large amount was coming in, a liability insurance payment that had to be made wasn't.

Director Allen Graves says, "One of the payments was missed on our liability as a result we lost that funding."

Graves says the loss of other grants caused them to miss this payment. They also got behind on their taxes because of who he calls bad employees.

"Help that worked in this office, not taking care of things that should have been taken care of." Graves says.

But our source says graves was pocketing some of the cash and the rest of the money, was shifted to keep things going on the surface.

The anonymous source says, "Some of it went to personal things, some of it went payroll, some of it went to bills at AWARE."

"This has gone on a lot." Reporter, Alex Tomlin ask, "And no one every questioned what he was doing?" The anonymous source says,  "If you bring it up, it was turned into a joke."

Graves says they are not behind on bills and are working with the IRS to get taxes caught up.

It's not just money he is accused of taking..

Our source says graves also took food from the food pantry program and gave gifts to family members from the Christmas program meant for clients of AWARE.

As far as allegations he has given handouts to himself or his family, "I'm afraid not, no." Graves says.

Our source claims the IRS is involved in reviewing why taxes weren't paid.

But the IRS does not comment or confirm if investigations are going on, until a resolution is reached.

A program still working with AWARE to raise funds says they trust Graves actions and have never been concerned money was not going to help those in need.

As far as a group who cut their funding, in a written statement, they say they did not terminate the contract for concern that funds were being stolen.