Updated: Fugitive File, Kodi Dan Randell

The Amarillo Police Department says officers arrested 21 year old Kodi Dan Randell at a motel off the Canyon highway.

Officers first tracked a car linked to Randell to the motel. When someone came out to the parking lot they questioned that person who led officers into the motel room to make the arrest.

Original Story:

A man believed to be involved in a string of burglaries is loose on Amarillo streets.

The fugitive we showed you last week was caught on a tip Wednesday, but we still have work to do.  Police are enlisting your help in finding this week's fugitive before he makes your home a target.

This is 21-year-old Kodi Dan Randell, wanted out of Randall County for alleged burglary of a habitation.  Amarillo Crime Stoppers' Cpl. Sean Slover says, "he got into a house, took personal information, and used it before the victim even knew a crime had occurred."

Slover says Randell ran up a credit card bill at several stores around town.  Randell is what Slover calls an active burglar, saying "we believe he is committing other crimes, so we put him at the top of our list to prevent other burglaries from happening."

While they work on getting an alleged burglar behind bars, suspected credit card abuser and recent fugitive Randall Downey has been caught thanks to a tip from viewers like you.

But police still need to find two others: Santos Rodriguez, a convicted sex offender, and Tuan Nguyen, who has warrants for robbery and possessing dangerous drugs.

If you have information on anyone we have shown you, get a hold of Crime Stoppers at 374-4400 or at www.amapolice.org .

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