Inspirational Moments

"Ask and you shall receive"

Everyday I pray for the holy sprit to guide me and correct me. Its usually always when I'm teaching my children something, I hear it louder than ever. I was driving when my five year old was concerned about our plans. He was convinced I was lost. So, I told him, "Don't worry about where we're going. Things don't always go as planned and just because you're not familiar with way I'm going doesn't mean we won't get to where we are going, I'll get us there." Just as the last word left my lips, the holy spirit made me realize what I just told my son, God was also telling me.

I realize just because I know where I want to go doesn't mean that I know how to get there. God knows my desires, and I know they line up with his word. He will get me there even if I "think" there was a wrong turn along the way. I realize the only thing that will lead me away from my heart desires, is to step out of his light, and that would be, not to trust in him. I'm not trusting him if I think I should go a certain way because of the way the world around me "appears".

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