Pizzerias Hope to Rake in Dough on Super Bowl Sunday

It's the biggest pizza consumption day in America.... More than six million pizzas nationwide are expected to be eaten on Super Bowl Sunday.

Let's put it into perspective... This Sunday, nationwide, Pizza Hut is expecting to make enough pizzas to cover 50 football fields. It's the kind of competition that has locally owned 575 Pizzeria hoping this Sunday will help them rake in the dough. Owner Brian Kelleher says, "We're hoping this Sunday the phones are ringing off the hook." General Manager Maressa Bailey agrees. "It's hard being a small business, especially in a place with so much competition. I mean every time your turn around there's a Pizza Hut commercial." That's exactly why for the first time ever they are opening this Sunday, a day they are usually closed. Its all in hopes of attracting new customers who want some grid iron grub. "We're hoping this will offset some of the lower numbers we've had so far this January."

Even though the showdown at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa is still several days away... Orders are already pouring in. As for how long making one pizza takes... About five or six minutes per pizza. They're expecting to put more than 200 pizzas into the oven this weekend. And making all of those pizzas means they have to start preparing now. Kitchen Manager Miller Ansell says, "Gargantuan amounts of cheese. An extra thirty pounds of cheese, 25 pounds of sauce." In this tough economy anyway you slice it, this Sunday's pizza sales are crucial to 575 Pizzeria. Baileys says, "You usually don't see football and our pizza sitting in the same room so this is a first for us. It's gonna be really good." Nearly sixty percent of all take out orders on Super Bowl Sunday are for pizza.