COPY-Nursery & Tree Planting

Amarillo Arborlogical Nursery is located at 709 SE 46th (Between Washington and Tradewinds on 46th). Please call for an appointment.

We pride ourselves in our knowledge in tree care. This starts with stocking the right trees for our area. We only carry trees that are hardy and long-lived. You won't find any willows or cottonwoods in our nursery. Let's all get away from planting poor species and we can change the face of Amarillo for future generations. The next issue is planting the right tree in the right place. A Cedar Elm does not belong under a power line or 4 feet from your home. Let us help you decide which tree suits your long term needs. The next issue is the timing of your planting. We prefer to plant during the dormant period or very early spring. This ensures the tree will not be stressed and have a great chance of surviving the harsh panhandle summers. The final concern in properly starting a tree is good planting techniques. A poorly planted tree may survive but will never reach its full potential. Let us plant a tree for you and we'll guarantee it for at least one year. At the Amarillo Arborlogical Nursery, we'll guarantee the highest quality stock, correct placement, and proper establishment of your next tree.