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Tree Removal

Tree Removal
Trees in the Panhandle are precious to the people who own and care for them. Tree removal is usually a last resort for most folks. A hazardous tree can be dangerous and a possible liability. When the time comes to take a tree down, you need someone who is experienced and safe. Why risk the headache of property damage or even personal injury when you don't have to? Trust our experience, safety, superior equipment, and advanced techniques next time you need to take a tree down. We also provide stump grinding services to round off a complete removal. Our stump grinder is a highly capable machine and can handle any stump in almost any location.
Cabling and Bracing
Panhandle trees grown in an open area usually develop an atypical, open crown with multiple dominant branches. This commonly leads to branch failure, especially in mature trees. Large branch failure can lead to property damage, personal injury, and possible tree decline. Cabling and bracing greatly reduces possible failure and can significantly increase the longevity of mature trees. Cabling and bracing is most effective when done as a preventative measure, before the hazard presents itself. Let one of our experts assess the need for this service.
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