About Amarillo Arborlogical

Our Mission

To provide the Panhandle with the highest quality tree care available anywhere. We strive to achieve this by possessing expert knowledge in the science of tree care, the use of the best and most innovative tools available, and through hiring competent and trustworthy employees.

Our Roots

Panhandle native Kelley Sims began his career as an arborist while attending Texas Tech. After gaining his ISA certification credentials, he spent a couple of years in Oregon learning the ropes of the tree care industry. Kelley and his wife moved back to Amarillo with aspirations to start a reliable and knowledgeable tree company. Amarillo Arborlogical was established in 2000 with Kelley as the owner and only climber. Over the years, Amarillo Arborlogical has grown to encompass all possible facets of the tree care industry. The employee base has grown to over 15 knowledgeable people and grows more every year. Kelley always looks to the future and is willing to try any new technologies and new techniques as they apply to the tree care industry. Hometown employees, business ethics, and sound values are part of the package when you hire Amarillo Arborlogical for all of your tree care needs.

Why Hire Amarillo Arborlogical?

Amarillo Arborlogical is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture and the Tree Care Industry Association. You won't find another company around with these basic industry credentials. We have three ISA Certified Arborists on staff with more to come. The Certified Arborist exam encompasses all possible areas in the science of modern arboriculture. This exam is meant to test not only knowledge, but applied knowledge. Besides knowledge, our superior equipment is our biggest asset. Good equipment makes us more efficient. Efficiency saves you time and money. Our climbers are award winning and compete with the best in Texas every year at the Texas Tree Climbing Championship. Basically, you are getting a Dallas, Boston, New York, Denver, or San Diego caliber company right here in the Panhandle. Our prices are reasonable and the quality of work is unparalleled. We always provide free estimates and advice.