Crime Sites Not Totally Accurate

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld, APD Crime Prevention
Cpl. Jerry Neufeld, APD Crime Prevention

If you are hoping the Web will tell you what areas of town are the safest, surfer beware.

Sites like, or may have some valuable information.

But according to police their statistics are not accurate.

In fact, one of the sites we looked at showed Amarillo only had two murders in 2006, in reality we had 11.

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld with APD Crime Prevention says, "It's just amazing the difference of what we see and we know is going on and what is being reported out there."

Some sites have disclaimers for the users.

Cpl. Neufeld says the biggest reason for not trusting this information is you can't show where it is coming from.

"How they come up with this, you know that's a good question. Some of the things, they are obviously public record, but I'm not sure they have contacted us to say hey can you start sending us your daily summary of calls for service or arrest or things like that. So where they are getting it at we don't know."

Crimes are not reported the same everywhere either. Let's say someone is robbed, their car is stolen, and they are sexually assaulted.

The APD will file for three offenses, but in a large majority of cities, officials only file the worst offense.

Meaning their crime rates may look lower, but they are not.

If you want to find crime information about an area..

You can request a report from police that will show activity for a certain number of square miles around addresses you request.