Local GOP Rep: Stimulus Loaded With Pork Projects

A massive stimulus package has jumped its first hurdle in the House and is on its way to the second in the Senate.  But some argue certain elements of the package will not really stimulate the economy at all.

The $819 billion bill will immediately jump start our economy - according to the Democrats.

The Republicans, who did not have one member vote yes, are staunch in their opposition to the bill, painting it as nothing but a massive government spending bill.

The sheer dollar amount of the bill - which, added to the previous bill would equal more than one trillion dollars - is an outrage to one local congressman.  Rep. Mac Thornberry, (R)-13th District, says, "you could write a check to every man woman and child in the united states for 27 hundred dollars for the amount this bill will cost."

Thornberry says this will not create jobs as it is intended, but waste taxpayer money.

One provision gives $335 million to sexually transmitted disease prevention programs.

Another allots $1.5 billion to homeless assistance grants.

The bill also allows billions to expand and extend unemployment benefits and insurance as well as food stamps.

And the list goes on.  Thornberry says, "it is a huge list of more than 150 programs getting funded through this bill. It's just enormous."

Democrats say if they had waited another week to pass a bill, another 100 thousand people would have lost their jobs.

By the way, there are no rebate checks going out with this plan.

So you can track the bill's billions, the website www.recovery.gov has been set up by the Obama administration.