Flasks Sold to Minors in Amarillo

A trendy local store for teen and pre-teen girls is now selling flasks designed for alcohol. The flasks are hard to miss, located at the front register of the Icings store.

They all have a girl friendly look and they are being sold to minors. The average age an AISD student tries alcohol is is 11 point 9, a fact the Amarillo Independent School District would like to change.

AISD Prevention Specialist Teresa Kenedy says, "I think it's our job as a school district to just share education about it with our parents and students and let them know about the dangers of drinking. That the parents are aware of what to look for if they see something in their child's bag or purse."

Some shoppers were surprised something like a flask is being sold in the girl friendly store.

Twenty-three year old Amanda Permenter says,"I actually have a 12 year old little sister that shops there and I really don't find it appropriate to sell containers that alcohol are supposed to go in so I don't really see why they are selling it. It's a little girls store."

Others have no problem with it. Eighteen year old Hannah Selwood says, "If parents want to be that controlling with their kids then they need to be with them when they are shopping."

But Permenter says she is worried her little sister and friends will get the message alcohol is O.K.

"Well she doesn't talk about it now but she might look at this and think oh what's this for, what do I put in here, this is cool."

A spokesman for Icings tells me the store is marketed towards those who are 23 and older, but shoppers say otherwise.

There are two informational meetings about alcohol and drug use for parents and teachers next week. Adults will be alerted to items like flasks being sold in our area.


The "Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use" program is Tuesday February 3 from 9am to noon at the Region 16 Conference Center Panhandle A & B Rooms at 5800 South Bell.

To register call JoAnn Eudy, 677-5143.