20,000 Affected By Malicious Mac Pirated Program

Jeremy Hollis, Cat-Man-Du
Jeremy Hollis, Cat-Man-Du

Attempts to get a software program cheaper or faster has left some wondering how much damage hackers have done to their personal information. The scenario may seem familiar but this time the victims are mac users.

The problem stems from those trying to download a pirated version of iWork '09.

Some of the programs contain malicious software that opens your computer up to several targets.

Lane Greene with West Texas A&M University says, "They were trying to get it for nothing."

20 thousand people in fact have pirated the corrupted software. Now their information may be in the hands of hundreds of thousands of hackers.

Jeremy Hollis with Cat-Man-Du says, "Basically it gives the IP address of the computer to whoever has access to that mal ware - they can see that IP address, they can get in there and change directories, they can change files that way."

Once the program has settled into your hard drive, getting rid of it won't be easy.

Hollis says, "Something like that on a Mac, is just a reload of system, that's the best way to get rid of any kind of virus."

If you haven't been a victim and want the software, your best options are to go to the actual manufactures site that makes the software and purchase it for download, or buy the box and download it from CD.

Greene says, "Usually it's the same price you will just have the disk. In case something gets lost or you have to reload the computer, you would have the disk instead of having to re-download it."

If you do download it, keep the receipt in case you need to re-download.

Most companies will allow it for free if you can show a receipt.

Another way hackers are getting in, is through those who downloaded an actual trial of the software.. And are using a pirated code to override the trial period.