Anti-Drug PSA Fails, AISD Evaluates

More students are choosing to use marijuana as the result of some anti-drug use public service announcements.

Some students viewed drug use as safe and found it appealing in a government sponsored public service announcement that showed a teen sitting at home high.

AISD grant director Melynn Huntley says the district is in the beginning stages of creating a local psa for our students and plans to avoid the mistakes the government made.

She says the results of the government psa changed the way of thinking of community leaders at the first new anti-drug campaign meeting today.

"I think we are proceeding with caution and I think that has worked well in the past is communicating Amarillo numbers to Amarillo people and not trying to make it look like its inner city Baltimore or any other place."

High school students tell me the government's PSA would not have deterred them from using drugs either.

Instead, they say the seeing the physical and long term consequences of using marijuana would be the most effective.

"Maybe something including jail or something, anything bad would be good.""the effects of it and what it would do to your body and your future."students agree the best way to communicate with them is through outlets they use.

Glick says,"Probably MTV because most people take messages from it and things like that so maybe it would have the most positive effect."

Marijuana is just behind alcohol as the most popular drug abused in aisd.

In the most recent survey one in five Amarillo students in grades 6 through 12 admit to using marijuana in the last month.

One in four admit to using it in the last year.