Why Isn't It Snowing More This Year?

Despite today's snow, we are still about 16 inches below where we should be for this time of year.

Today's less than an inch of snow is a far cry from the normal 17-point-9 inches that usually falls here every winter.

Ask any long time resident and they'll tell you, in years past, Amarillo has been known to be a winter wonderland. "It was deeper than I was tall. About three years ago it snowed eight inches. There have been times it's snowed 60 or 80 inches. I was about ten and I remember it snowed about three feet." We've even set some records. Jose Garcia with the National Weather Service says, "Two of the top two heaviest snowfalls in our area have occurred since 2000." So how did we go from several years of large snowfalls to less than one inch of snow total this year?

The answer, La Nina. "We end up under a ridge of high pressure. Very few opportunities for us to get systems that bring us moisture."

As for what this means for winters to come; it's nearly impossible to tell. This is a pattern that in years past has continued for several years or its a pattern that could change in just months.

Forecasters are predicting the rest of the winter to be dry, so if you are a fan of the snow, get out and enjoy it while you can.