Why Isn't It Snowing A Lot This Winter?

Jose Garcia, National Weather Service
Jose Garcia, National Weather Service

We've had less than one inch of snow so far this year across the Panhandle, and that's quite a bit less than we usually see. The folks at the National Weather Service say we see an average of seventeen inches of snow during the winter months.

As anyone whose lived here for any length of time knows, winters of years past have brought large amounts of snow. In fact, two of the record snowfalls in Amarillo have occurred since 2000. So the big question is... Why are we so dry this year? it's all because of La Nina.

Jose Garcia at the NWS says, "cooler than normal temperatures in the eastern pacific. It actually changes the weather pattern across the Southern United States and when that happens we end up under a ridge of high pressure with very few opportunities for us to get systems that bring us moisture."

While many of us are glad not to be dealing with icy roads and blizzard conditions, there is a downside to the lack of snow... The less snow we have, the higher the chance of a more active wildfire season.