How to Protect Yourself From Auto Burglaries

As many as 77 auto burglaries in one week have been reported to the Amarillo Police Department.

And they say it's a preventable crime if you do your part.

An average night in Amarillo means six to eleven cars could be broken in to.

So Sergeant Brent Barbee with the crime prevention unit showed us what criminals think.

"We find so often auto burglars are opportunity type criminals. They'll look for a chance to get into something," said Sgt. Barbee.

Alleys have become an ally of criminals.

Minimal traffic and limited light allow criminals to hide, and steal very easily.

This is actually how dark we found one alley.

And The number one way to deter criminals is light.

"This is what we would like everyone's drive way to look like. Very well lit, there's nothing out here to attract the attention of thieves," said Sgt. Barbee. "This is the best way to deny an opportunity criminal. Make everything like this out of sight and out of mind."

If you do have to keep your car outside Sgt. Barbee says take all valuables, like purses, wallets, and electronics out of your car.