Preventing Range Fires

It's been nearly three months since we've seen any significant rain and that has contributed to dozens of range fires across the Panhandle recently.

We spent the day with Willie Wieck, a cotton and corn farmer in Dumas, who tells us he's been farming for nearly 50 years and this are some of the worst conditions he's seen.

The Governor's office is urging all Panhandle residents to be on alert for potential fires, and says the main thing non-farmers can do to prevent fires is be careful when driving around on open land... If your car is too hot it can spark a blaze.

Wieck says, "Well you've got the people problem which is the worst, it's number one. The second thing of course is lightning which we haven't had a cloud so we haven't had that problem lately, but they'll be some of that whenever we do get showers again and then mechanical is probably the smallest percentage."

To give you an idea about how many fires we're talking about... State and federal fire crews responded to more than 500 fires across Texas... And that was just for last week alone.