TxDOT Looks For Funding Assistance

The Texas Department of Transportation is looking for help, now that they are expecting a multi-million dollar shortfall.

A majority of the department's funding comes from the state gas tax.

But high gas prices over the summer caused fewer people to buy gas, so now TxDOT is expecting a loss of anywhere between 90 to 100 million dollars.

Putting a major strain on their ability to maintain roads and highways.

"Lawmakers are aware of the funding situation for transportation. That's why proposition 12 was put on the ballet last year," said Paul Braun, the public information officer for the Panhandle district. "Not only does it allow the legislature to put out bonds for five billion worth of highway projects. Which is greatly needed. The bonds are paid back through general revenue. Not the gas tax."

The transportation sub-committee is expected to analyze proposition 12 funding in the next few weeks.

But the revenue fund, which would pay back the bonds, is expected to have a multi-billion dollar shortfall this year.