Obama Brings Financial Jitters for Some Locals

This week marked the worst Inaugural Day performance for stocks in a century, causing financial jitters to grow for area residents.

While President Obama is promising to dig America out of this financial hole many Americans are not so sure he will do it.

Financial advisor Dale Buckner of Asset Planning Group says you should stick to your current financial plan.

Do not allow the rise and fall of the stock market or the Inauguration of the new President scare you into making drastic changes.

He says the best move is to continue to pour money into your 401 K.

"What you count on is that if put money into your 401 K, you're gonna do great. Just dump more money in. Typically people say well should I quit putting money in when it's low, well no what kind of non sense is that? you put more money in when it's low."

Buckner says now is a great time to buy desirable stocks like Starbucks and Microsoft because they are at 50 to 70 percent off.

However, he warns against using the Internet to trade stocks. He says only 10 percent of the population is familiar enough with the process to make favorable choices.

Trading online can also be risky because it is easily accessible and may cause you to buy and sell based on your mood.