Residents React to Obama's Abortion Plans

Christina Paullus, Texas Panhandle Family Planning and Health Center
Christina Paullus, Texas Panhandle Family Planning and Health Center

Making changes to federal abortion policies... Barack Obama says this will be on of his first Presidential actions. It's no coincidence Obama chose to announce his plans for abortion today, the 36th anniversary of Roe vs Wade, the Supreme Court Decision that legalized abortion.

Obama is expected to reinstate the Global Gag Rule which allows federal funds to go towards international abortion clinics, and that has people talking. We stopped by a local anti-abortion rally in Amarillo this afternoon to get the protesters thoughts on Obama's abortion plans. "We're hoping Obama changes his mind but we're not holding out much hope." "It's a call on the judgement from God on our country for electing a man who feels this way."

After issuing the presidential order to overturn the Global Gag Rule, Obama is expected to sign the freedom of choice act. It's designed to "eliminate the threats that remain to Roe vs Wade." The Texas Panhandle Family Planning and Health Center is looking forward to this becoming law, because that will make it easier for them to hand out birth control and operate health clinics. Christina Paullus says, "knowing he is backing us up is great because then we can continue to provide services to the people in our community."

Obama's Presidential Order is expected by the end of the week. Using today's anniversary to change the Global Gag Rule is becoming somewhat of a tradition... Both Clinton and George W. did the same thing.