Caprock H.S. Shows Success

Principal Christina Ritter
Principal Christina Ritter

Caprock High School educators are encouraged with the success of their students this year. After failing the Adequate Yearly Progress for four years in a row teachers say there is a sign of success.

Today 82 students were recognized as class standouts by the Amarillo ISD Superintendent, up from 43 students last year.

Those honored are achieving at least a 95% average in regular courses and a 90% average in advanced placement courses.

Educators and students alike say it is thanks to a new program called a "house."Each grade level is now separated into a different building or "house" allowing students to be in constant contact with all their teachers.

Principal Christina Ritter says, "When you focus on each individual student that's very powerful."

Students say teachers are also pushing them harder to succeed this year.

Superintendent Scholar Junior Justin Reyna says, "They can collaborate with each other at the same time, they can make sure students are staying up to speed with everything and it creates a sense of together."

Junior Aman Majok who is also a Superintendent Scholar says, "When we're doing good they praise us they are more involved in our lives."

And with the success of the individual houses Principal Ritter expects the school to be off the AYP list within the next couple of years.

"I believe we will be off AYP and our data indicates that we are making progress. We are involved in a TAKS simulation right now and our data that we got back from Monday has shown a huge increase in what we are doing."

It takes two years of success before a school is completely removed from the AYP watch list.

Teachers say they are also seeing improvements in school absences, tardiness, and discipline problems as a result of the house program.