More Abandoned Panhandle Pets

The SPCA in Amarillo has reached a maximum capacity of pets at their shelter.

Currently, the shelter is home to more than 150 abandoned dogs and cats. Every day, the number continues to grow.  The shelter receives at least 30 calls from pet owners trying to find a new home for their animal.

"I'm over full. I put up extra cages to accommodate what I can. I can't take anymore in," said Janet Varela, Amarillo SPCA Shelter Manager. "I couldn't fit a little chihuahua in here right now."

Varela said people that cannot find a shelter for their pet will usually leave them on the streets--endangering their lives and yours.

"People are abandoning their animal. Thinking a dog or a cat can take care of itself in this day and time is so wrong," she said.

You can take steps in the right direction and can cut down on the cost of owning a pet.

Some community food pantries offer free dog and cat can also try talking to your vet about discount health care. But if you must give up your pet, try to find it a new home with friends or family.

"The best option is to try to hang on to your animal," Varela said. "You know, because it's your forever friend. So don't dump him."

The most abandoned animals are large dogs: labradors, pitbulls and some Great Dane mixes.

If you want to take home one of these dogs, the SPCA will host "Big Dog Adoption Day" Saturday Jan. 31 at Petsmart, 2800 South Soncy. The event will go on from 1-5pm.