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Guymon Teens Popping Pills

Police Chief Eddie Adamson Police Chief Eddie Adamson
Public Schools Police Chief Read Barby Public Schools Police Chief Read Barby

Guymon teenagers are apparently popping pills. A spike in the number of kids raiding their relatives' medicine cabinets has prompted the community to take action.

We are told this is a national trend that has seeped into Guymon. But authorities tell us it is a trend they will not stand for.

Kids as young as twelve are stealing prescription drugs. Police Chief Eddie Adamson says, "they're taking them from grandma and grandpa."

So Wednesday night, members of the community met at the high school for a presentation by a state narcotics agent detailing different types of drugs and their effects on the brain; an event police say is much needed.

As an officer who sees first hand what kids get into, Public Schools Police Chief Read Barby points out what he believes to be the main reason for the problem. He says, "apathy, parents don't think their kids are into it."

Police hope they can get the attention of both parents and kids by arresting those caught getting high off prescriptions that are not theirs.

Possessing Hydrocodone, for instance, that does not belong to you is a felony, and can land you behind bars for up to 20 years.

Police say it is no different than having cocaine.

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