Your Credit Card Number May Be Stolen

Weeks of thieves stealing credit card numbers from a processing company go unnoticed.

Resulting in more than a million transactions being stolen.

Mastercard alerted a local bank we spoke with, that their customers credit cards may have been breached.. But that may be only the beginning.

Barbara Whiteley knows all to well how thieves can get your credit information.

"It is a scary thing. We have had to change our number twice."

Now millions more may also have to change their card numbers because of the hack.

Especially since experts believe the thieves haven't used all the information they have gathered yet.

Ray Wilson with Cat-Man-Du says, "I would guess that the hackers still have an incredible amount of information that they are sifting through, decrypting and getting this information. And I would guess we could see more of this."

Check your statement everyday.. And know the other twist with this scam. The importance of pocket change.

Wilson says, "Instead of things that were great big purchases or instant red flags, they were very small purchases."

Sometimes just 25 cents is being charged. Local banks are taking action now.

Greg Houlette with Happy State Bank says, "Right now the ones we have already received alerts on, we have already created cards, we are going out with a letter to our customers letting them know what date their old cards will be turned off."

With such a techno-savvy culture. Some fear, these types of scams will only get worse.

Whiteley says, "It is scary. It's too fast pace of a world we live in now."

This hack is being called the largest ever.

If you think your account has been affected, contact your card provider. Officials say consumers couldn't have done anything to stop this type of scam. And all you can do now is keep up with your transactions.

The fastest way to see those is through Internet banking.