The Language of Evolution Fires Up in Austin

Principal Andy Nies, River Road High School
Principal Andy Nies, River Road High School

The teaching of evolution in Texas schools may be getting an overhaul this week.

Reports say the crowd was sharply split in Austin today, battling over the proposal to change the language used when teaching the Theory of Evolution.

The current curriculum requires teachers to address the strengths and weaknesses of Charles Darwin's Theory of how humans and other life forms evolved.

Critics of the current curriculum say the wording is being used to undermine the Theory of Evolution.

Area educators say there is little controversy over the issue in our schools but there are gray areas in the curriculum that need to be addressed.

Principal of River Road High School Andy Nies says, "It would just be nice to just to know what terminology and what vocabulary the state wants us to use when we are teaching this and what not to use."

Students are able to ask questions about Creationism but the state does not currently equip teachers with answers.

The decisions the state board makes will be adopted in Texas classrooms for at least the next ten years. A preliminary board vote is scheduled for tomorrow and a final decision is expected in March.