Cornyn Blocks Hillary Clinton's Nomination

Dr. David Rausch, West Texas A & M University
Dr. David Rausch, West Texas A & M University

U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton's confirmation as Secretary of State hit a road block today in the form of Senator John Cornyn from Texas.

Senator Clinton's nomination as Secretary of State is on hold until at least tomorrow. Cornyn says Clinton has a potential conflict of interest with her husband, former President Bill Clinton's foundation.

The foundation has a global initiative that accepts donations from foreign businessmen including those in the Middle East.

West Texas A & M University professor Dave Rausch says it is Cornyn's job to question Clinton, however, his move is making a small impact as it stands.

"What would really be interesting is if tomorrow during the vote he would actually filibuster. That would be really impressive, I'm not sure he'll do that. The statement has been made, and we'll move on."

The original plan made by Senator Reed of Nevada, was to speed up Clinton's nomination process in conjunction with today's inauguration.

Professor Rausch says it is likely Clinton will win nomination tomorrow in a normally scheduled roll-call.