Glaucoma: The Silent Vision Thief

It's said to be silently stealing your vision and unfortunately Glaucoma is stealing the vision of local residents at record rates.

Thanks to glaucoma, 120,000 Americans are now completely blind and as many as two million more are well on their way. It's all because it strikes without warning and your only chance of detection before it's too late is annual eye doctor visits.

Martin Road Eye Care's Dr. Amy Nailling says, "Unlike other eye diseases, there's no blurring of vision, there's no pain and the first vision affected by glaucoma is your peripheral vision so you're not going to notice any change there."

If you fall into one of these three groups you are at a severe risk. People over age 60, Hispanics and African Americans and those with diabetes.

"The age of the population is increasing, we're having more diversity in our population in Amarillo and we're having an increase of type two diabetes so all of those risk factors are going up so the prevalence of glaucoma has been going up in the community."

To help you from becoming a statistic, Nailling says you should have a full eye exam once a year... And make sure that includes having your eyes dilated. If you fall into one of the risk categories, you should have that eye exam done twice a year. Better to be safe than sorry.