Grass Fires Burn Across The Panhandle

After working for nearly three hours Monday afternoon, fire officials have a Hutchinson County blaze under control this evening.

The fire burned about 325 acres of open land just east of Stinnett.

Borger, Hutchinson County and Skellytown fire crews worked together to fight the blaze.

An investigation is underway, but officials say as of right now, it appears to have been started accidentally.

Smoke from the fire could be seen from satellites at the National Weather Service.

Randall County Fire Department battled their own blaze just after noon Monday.

The fire burned about three or four acres east of Georgia Street and South of Loop 335, after being set by blowing embers.

A company that produces wooden palettes was burning a small pile of wood.

Workers rushed to put out the fire, but needed help from Randall County.

The Sheriff's office says they will ask the commissioners court to reinstate the burn ban.

They added, this is not the first time the company has started a grass fire.

And Potter County Officials have determined a fire started Saturday came from burning embers as well.

Chief Richard Lake says a resident cleaned out their fire place, and the still hot ashes ignighted brush near the house.

Two homes sustained smoke damage, one barn was burned, and two out-buildings were also destroyed by that blaze.

They are still investigating a fire that occurred Sunday north of the Canadian river near highway 287.