Circuit City: What Happens to Warranties?

The nation's second largest electronics chain has officially pulled the plug on it's website, after announcing it is going out of business. But, that didn't stop hundreds of people from shopping for deals at the Amarillo Circuit City store Sunday afternoon.

Circuit City's nationwide liquidation sale started this weekend and Amarillo residents are taking full advantage of the price cuts. The parking lot was almost entirely full at the Circuit City on Soncy this Sunday afternoon. We walked around the store and saw most things were about ten percent off, but the company says to expect steeper discounts as the liquidation sale continues.

Around 34,000 employees nationwide will be without a job in a few months, including dozens here in Amarillo, people like Nick McCrary, who was recently laid off. "It hurts. It really does. I was there. That was part of my life and oh I was a little upset but I got hurt. Yesterday I was crying, I promise. Crying. They were a part of my life for 14 years."

As far as warranties go, Circuit City says they are backed by a third party and will still be honored. Anything purchased before January 16th can be returned within 14 days. From here on out though, all sales are final.