Repent Amarillo Faces Opposition

As we first told you here on NewsChannel 10, the religious group called "Repent Amarillo" has been protesting a downtown Amarillo establishment they call a "swingers club."

But tonight they are facing opposition of their own. They call themselves "Angel Action."Eleven of them dressed up in angel wings and stood with their backs turned in protest to the Repent Amarillo group.

This is the second time in a little over two weeks, Repent Amarillo has protested against the establishment they say is promoting deviant sexual behavior on south west 6th Street.

David Grisham of Repent Amarillo says, "We had a good crowd. We had a lot of good believers come out and we had actually more than we had on new years eve. And, I appreciate these people from Avenue 10 standing up for their convictions. This is America and everyone has the right to do that."

Angel Action says they gathered in protest tonight to represent the rights of the businesses and groups Repent Amarillo does not support.

Crystal Williams says, "The swingers club for instance. These are consenting adults and whatever you make of that personally we don't believe as a group or as individuals that its our business to interfere. We also want to represent the fact that some of these businesses and some of these churches that are on this prayer list that they have you know they are making accusations against them that aren't necessarily true."

The members of what Repent Amarillo is calling a swingers club did not meet at the location of the protest this evening.

Repent Amarillo tells me they do not plan to hold anymore protests against the establishment.

Angel Action says they will continue their protest against repent Amarillo by gathering at the same locations repent Amarillo is protesting.