Stalkers May be Tracking You Through Technology

La Visa Hollingsworth, Family Support Services
La Visa Hollingsworth, Family Support Services

You may think of them hiding in the bushes, following you in your car, or calling you.

But a new age of stalking has emerged, and it's firmly rooted in technology.

They are meant to make our lives easier, but cell phones, GPS systems and computers are now being targeted against some to give stalkers even more control over their victims.

Some in our area have already hit "send" on cell phone stalking.

La Visa Hollingsworth with Family Support Services says, "Lots of text messages, it's easy. I've heard messages, seen text messages that are very threatening."

It's not just threatening messages you can see.

Stalkers also are taking steps you may not see, to follow you through technology.

"There are hidden camera's they can get, there are GPS systems that are tiny." Hollingsworth says.

There are reports you can even download spy software on cell phones that will let someone listen in, print text messages, or even track where you have been.

Another scary development is the ability of blue tooth devices.

Scammers can crack your short-range radio connection and listen in.

If you think someone is watching, trust your gut and take notes.

"If you do find like a GPS system or find that your phone has been tampered with, don't try to disable, take it straight to law enforcement and let them look at it, and we will help you create a safety plan."

Hollinsworth says document everything, no matter how minor you think it might be, because enough small incidents documented can make a case for stalking.

While stalkers are using high tech tools against you; you can do the same. There are jammers to block signals and ways to protect yourself.

Another key to protection is never letting your cell phone out of your sight and installing passwords to make sure someone can't use it.

And again, report any suspicious activity to police.

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