Middle Schoolers Contracting STDs

Dr. Teresa Baker, OB/GYN, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center
Dr. Teresa Baker, OB/GYN, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center

Area kids as young as twelve years old are contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Those in the medical field tell us kids are developing at much earlier ages than they did years ago. Black girls are maturing as young as eight, Hispanic girls at eight and a half, and Anglo girls at nine years old.

Medical professionals do not have a clear explanation as to why, but think it has to do with diet.

Dr. Teresa Baker, an OB/GYN at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, says "girls have more body fat today and that triggers sexual development."

Boys are also developing much earlier.

Because of that, when kids engage in sexual activity of any kind, they do not realize the magnitude of their actions, and the behavior can spiral out of control.

Dr. Baker says when she tells kids what they have contracted, they often do not even know which reproductive organ goes where, much less that they have a serious infection.  And parents are usually in shock.

She says another contributor to young sexual activity is idle time.

Dr. Baker also says anyone under the age of 13 is under the age of consent, and is reported and screened for abuse.