Sexting Predators After Your Kids

James Farren, Randall County District Attorney
James Farren, Randall County District Attorney
Ray Wilson, Cat-Man-Du Owner
Ray Wilson, Cat-Man-Du Owner

Predators targeting your child through chat rooms or the Internet are now reaching kids through their cell phones.

It's called "Sexting" and your child's smart phone is a key element. Texting and picture mail is used to send vulgar messages to minors, and the problem has already hit home.

Randall County District Attorney, James Farren says, "We have a case pending right now, that involves a cell phone, texting and solicitation of a minor under this statue."

The messages may go unnoticed by most parents, since your statements don't break down what is being typed over the phones or what images are being sent.

Cat-Man-Du owner, Ray Wilson says, "The statements with the provider will show here the text messages are going and coming from. In other words it will display the phone numbers that your child is texting but not the content the messages and certainly not any pictures."

You can take off picture mail or texting features. But officials say it's not the technology that is bad, you just need to know your child and who they are communicating with.

Farren says, "If they have a phone that can text and send images or text, you better know what is going on. Because believe me the predator will find your child."

Wilson has a tip that may cut down on the possibility of your child becoming a victim.

"At night there should be a common place where all devices like that are placed and not taken off into private area's of the house." Wilson says.

He also recommends parents not buy the latest and greatest smart phone just because your child wants it.

Know the features and talk to you children to set limits with those features.

There is no official timeline that providers keep texting or picture mail records.

Farren says he believes most companies retain the information for 90 days.

That could change to a longer or shorter time depending on if the companies receive protection by law from civil liability suits in these type of cases.