Common Flu Medicine Much Less Effective

Fighting the flu this year just became tougher. One of the most common go-to medicines for thousands suffering from the flu is not as effective this year.

Tamiflu is designed as a quick-fix for the flu and last year did it's job in nearly every case. But this year, it's not nearly as effective... Ninety-nine percent of people infected with the flu tested positive for a Tamiflu resistant strain. If doctor's suspect that strain, the next best option is a medicine called Relenza, but it is more expensive and harder to take. It's a powder that must be inhaled and can even cause lung spasms, and it's not safe for people of all ages.

Dr. James Kelley says, "it is not good for little children and it is a concern when they become infected with the virus." It's especially dangerous for children younger than seven. The Centers for Disease Control say the flu virus has mutated spontaneously and researchers are still looking for an answer as to why it changed so quickly to become Tamiflu resistant. It's not too late to get your flu shot...Doctors say that's the best way to protect yourself from the flu, especially now since Tamiflu won't do the trick.