Watch This! NewsChannel 10's Walt Howard & Patti Carter Take on the Army's Fitness Test

If more potential army recruits could pass their physical fitness test area recruiters say their enlistments would be up by 60 percent.

To find out how difficult it can be to get into boot camp NewsChannel 10's Walt Howard and Patti Carter were put to the test.

Push-ups, Sit-Ups, and a Timed Mile run...

The good news is both Walt and I passed the fitness test.

Sergeant Cody Porter says regardless of your abilities now, he will work with every potential recruit until they are ready for boot camp.

Some of the nations top recruiters want to start what they call a fat camp to help trainees and porter says it is not a bad idea.

"If we were to lower the physical fitness standard it would cost lives. Not just eventually but immediately. Because a person would be unable to perform to live through the rigors and perform the duties of being a solider. "

You've seen us do it now it's your chance to weigh in...

Do you think the army's physical requirements should be relaxed to allow more people to enlist?

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