Ancient Animal Discovered

A paleontology class in tucumcari thinks they've discovered a new prehistoric species.

It wasn't until back in the lab, chipping away dirt, that they realized this was something ground breaking.

"I'll never forget the excitment of that. It was just it's really hard to articulate. It was a very powerful moment i have to say." Paleontolgy student Mark Mancici said.

The school's professor thinks the ancient bones are a new species, a version of this creature, "I eat a sorious". Think armadillo, but bigger, reptile and with an eagle's beak.

Here after hundreds of years of people working in our area that we still have discoveries to make.

"I would say give me another year where we have so many prepared and studied that i can say yes this is something new or no." Paleontologist Axel Hungerbuehler said.

Students and staff will go shelf by shelf through these other fossils from the dig looking for any extra evidence.

If the find is confirmed, they'll get to name the new species.

People at the school say after the fossils have been in the ground for 200 million years, waiting one more for confirmation won't kill them.