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Potential Army Recruits Fail Fitness Test

Cody Porter, US Army Recruiter Cody Porter, US Army Recruiter
Ruben DeAnda, US Army Recruiter Ruben DeAnda, US Army Recruiter

The physical fitness test is wreaking havoc on local Army recruiters who say they could get 60 percent more applicants enlist if they could pass the test.

Meeting the Army's physical standards is a struggle for many potential soldier's in our area. Because we live in a fast food nation and have more sedentary lifestyles our young people are paying the price.

Sergeant Cody Porter says, "It takes so long for some people to change their lifestyle they've been living for so long that it can be difficult to motivate someone to actually loose 70 or 80 or 100 pounds if they need to."

Failing the fitness test disqualifies far more applicants than those without a high school education and those with an unfavorable criminal record.

The recruiting officers do provide help in the form of nutritional counseling and training at the gym for serious applicants.

Unfit potential recruits are a problem nationwide. A top recruiter out of South Carolina is pushing for what he calls a fat camp to turn trainees into fit soldiers.

Would you pass? Find out http://www.army.com/enlist/APFT.html

Do you think the Army's fitness standards should be lowered to allow more people to enlist? Cast your vote in the box below.


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