Canyon ISD Gives Parents New Tool to Understand Curriculum

Justin Richardson, Director of Middle School Program
Justin Richardson, Director of Middle School Program

Some parents in our area now have a new tool aimed at helping them keep track of their child's education.

Just over a month ago we were talking to a Canyon ISD parent who felt he didn't know enough about his children's education now that the district has gone to the c-scope curriculum.

That program has some computer based course work.

Now parents have a section they can go to on the districts website to get an easy to understand breakdown of lessons per six weeks and goals their children should be meeting in that time.

All in hopes education will continue outside of the classroom.

Justin Richardson, Director of Middle School Programs for the district says, "Parents play a strong role in students education."

The exact reason why CISD launched this curriculum break down on their website.

The system is divided by subject and six week term to be easy for parents to navigate.

Those working in the classroom say they hope it leads to work outside of the classroom.

Janelle Persall, a 6th grade teacher at Greenways Intermediate says, "That would be a dream come true for me. For any parent to call me and say, 'Hey I was talking to my kid about such and such that they are suppose to be able to do this six weeks, and they were clueless about it, how can I help at home? That would be fabulous."

Persall says it's important parents question their children to make sure they are retaining information and not just regurgitating it.

"They've got to be able to apply it, transfer it to new situations, that's when they really learn it." Persall says.

And making sure students learn is the whole goal.

If you want to check out what your kids are learning just go to